WHat they're saying...


“They still make websites?” - Matthew Dear


"I found a decapitated pig's head literally moments after meeting you for the first time in New York 10 years ago. You were wearing a red v-neck with camo pants and blublockers." - Seth Troxler


“Is this website a cry for help, or just a place to come cry? Either way, follow your dream, and spread your wings and fly.” - Lee Curtiss


"I had the (dis)pleasure of working with Bill Patrick for almost 10 years now. When not constantly bitching or putting himself on an imaginary pedestal, Bill enjoys seeking out other people’s music while talking shit about them.

He then takes this knowledge and plays said other people’s music to mostly intoxicated women who surprisingly love it.

In this sense Bill is the true definition of an anomaly." - Ex-Agent


"When I met you I thought you were a dick but then I got to know you and I knew you were a dick." - Maayan Nidam


“I would love to lick Bill Patrick's butt hole, as I’m sure it's sweet and tastes like a delicious cronut.” - DearMorni


“Disappointed it lasted as long as it did." - Ex-girlfriend


“After all these years, I still don't know what kind of music you play.” - Father


"A wonderful DJ requires excellent representation. I'd like to publically apologise, Bill." - Agent


“Be aware there are very high profile people here." - Sergio Giorgini (Benoit & Sergio)


"The first time I met Bill he was dressed in drag but he doesn't remember me because he was too busy tucking his penis." -  hot shot Hollywood screenwriter (in the making)


"We hooked up a few times, secretly, thank god." - Ex-lover


"The DJ that always surpasses the knowledge of every other DJ with the littlest amount of effort." - Lauren Lane


"I don't pay you to put bad notions in my head. The ones already there don't need company!" - MUALLEM


"I thought we were in love." - Another Ex-lover


“Whether he is pulling his shirt, twiddling his thumbs, asking you to fork or quickly clapping his hand up in the air, you know he is just shady, soon in the darkest corner near you." - Natalia Escobar


"Love my pheggy." - tINI


"Fuck you Bill. I haven't jogged in 2 weeks, I've been stuffing my face with desserts people drop off at my house and I can't bring myself to order anything healthy when I eat out for the last 2 weeks. My diet is imploding, and I'm getting fat again.
And I'm an alcoholic." - Lee Curtiss...again


"'Tis better to have and to hold than to never have had and held before!!" - Greg Paulus (No Regular Play)


"I used to be friends with Bill but he's too important nowadays to write to me unless he needs something. Case in point. This quote" - Lee Burridge